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An inspiring workplace with a unique character

A modern office is a place where it is nice to be and comfortable to work. But that is not enough anymore. It is important not only to offer an ergonomic workstation that meets the physiological and technological needs of employees, but also inspire them to work, change and improve every day. A work environment with an original character makes employees more engaged and helps them to build and maintain a closer relationship with a company.

ZEDO is an inspiring and flexible desk system featuring distinctive design with carefully selected and colourful accessories that will help you create workplaces with a unique character.

I want to discover new forms and bring more colors to a modern office.

Paolo Pampanoni, designer

Original design and unique combinations

The main element of the ZEDO design is a round metal leg on the outer part of the table, with a playful plug as the final touch. This leg is also a link that allows you to add different accessories. Paolo Pampanoni, the author of the ZEDO design, emphasizes that even a small detail can make a big difference to the character of a piece of furniture, and thus of an office. The original design of the desks offers a very wide range of options for combining the colours of legs, plugs and accessories to create a unique workplace atmosphere.

Stylish and practical shelves

Bicoloured metal shelves create a distinctive and stylish look. Shelves of varying forms can be combined with each other and into higher compositions. That way you will also clear your desk of small items and be able to clean it easily as well as disinfect.

Types of shelves:

Side shelves are longer than others and attached to two (or even three at once) table legs; they will add an elegant touch to a desk or bench desks.
Curved shelves differ not only in width, but also in height and can therefore be attached one over another. They will not only give an extra space for your items, but will also create more privac
A round shelf is a playful detail that can additionally be used as a small table due to its size.

For storing items in a minimalist workplace

Thanks to digital technology, a modern workplace is becoming less cluttered and no longer requires many cabinets. Minimalist drawers and open niches with a PET felt lining are perfect for such a case. All the accessories of ZEDO desk collection – drawers, shelves and power units – maintain the continuity of metal colour combinations and functionality.

Design continuation in convenient power solutions

Exceptional power units blend in the whole design concept perfectly due to the choice of metal colour and rounded forms. The power unit can be mounted on or under the desk for convenient and quick access to electricity.

ZEDO changes together with the user

All the design elements can be combined according to the personal user’s needs. And as these change, ZEDO will adapt easily. The desk can be really simple or in a complex combination, official or playful, without accessories or with a lot of them – just what is right for you.

An easily adaptable return table

Extend your desk possibilities with a return table that can be used for both temporary work while standing and short meetings due to its larger height.

A screen made from PET felt

ZEDO stands out not only for its metal accessories, but also for the special PET felt screen. Non-typical felt sheet bending totally hides its supporting structure, while the extended edge covers the cable tray and wires. You can enliven the screen with playful and functional accessories – a magnetic board and a shelf for small items.

Thought out to the smallest detail

A wide range of pedestals and storage towers allow you to store your personal items conveniently as well as hide cables. The holes in the frames allow you to easily combine several workplaces into a single power circuit, while the elegant metal box with opening grommet provides easy access to the sockets.

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