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Architectural design that sparks collaboration

The PARTHOS table collection is characterised by its stylish, elegant design, with well-thought-out shapes that spark collaboration. Whether in meeting rooms, collaboration spaces or relaxation areas, the PARTHOS tables bring people together and become an eye-catching interior accent in both formal and informal environments.

The collection includes different types of tables

The PARTHOS collection consists of not only meeting tables but also high tables and coffee tables. The wide selection of tables gives you plenty of creative options for setting up different functional spaces and maintaining a consistent style throughout the interior.

Elegant architectural design

The main design element of the furniture from this collection is a sculptural cylindrical column, which has historically symbolised strength and stability in architecture. With a modern interpretation, this element of classical architecture becomes the unifying and distinctive design accent of the PARTHOS table collection. The cylindrical column is covered with PET felt, whose textural pattern of vertical lines further emphasises the allusion to the element of classical architecture.

Round shapes for pleasant collaboration

To maintain the thoughtful, visually uncluttered design of the PARTHOS tables, a great deal of attention was paid to the search for shape. Round lines are echoed in the tabletop and cylindrical column, so it was important to find a balance of sizes and proportions between these parts. The PARTHOS round coffee tables are perfect for cosy and enjoyable conversations over a cup of coffee or tea.

Improving the acoustic environment with the PARTHOS columns

PET felt features acoustic properties. The porous surface absorbs sound, while the vertical cut-outs disperse some of the sound waves. We recommend combining these tables with the PARTHOS acoustic columns. They will not only ensure a better acoustic environment but will also create stylistically harmonious interiors for meeting, relaxation and other spaces.

Many stylish combination options

You can choose the height, tabletop size, finish and number of columns for the PARTHOS tables. The wide range of PET felt colours is another important distinctive quality of the collection. A comprehensive selection will allow architects and designers to take into account the different functional and aesthetic requirements of a space and adapt the furniture accordingly.

Developed according to the sustainability principles

NARBUTAS consistently applies the key principles of sustainability. When creating a new piece of furniture, we carefully think not only about its design and functional solutions but also about the entire cycle of its production and use. The PARTHOS tables are made from recyclable materials using energy from renewable sources. The furniture is durable and its design is well thought out. The tables that are no longer in use can be easily disassembled and their parts can then be recycled.

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