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When only pleasant acoustics are not enough

A noisy work or relaxation environment can significantly reduce the quality of work and the overall well-being of employees. A room that is too soundproof can cause discomfort as well. Therefore, architects and designers shall not only decide how to plan office spaces efficiently and create modern interiors but also how to ensure acoustic comfort. PARTHOS acoustic columns are one of the solutions that can achieve the desired acoustic balance in different spaces. Best of all, they require no special fixings, thus giving you more freedom and flexibility.

PARTHOS is a stylish, mobile and sustainable product that not only improves the acoustics of spaces but also makes the environment more functional.

Ensured acoustic features

When creating acoustic columns, we thought carefully about which materials would provide good sound absorption and reverberation reduction, which is why PARTHOS ensures that high-, medium- and low-frequency sounds are muffled. High-frequency sounds are, for example, phone calls, medium-frequency sounds are human speech, and low-frequency sounds are usually caused by heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We filled the acoustic column with textile offcuts, which have excellent sound-absorbing properties. It is covered with PET felt, which is porous and enhances these properties. The choice of pattern also contributes to the improvement of acoustics by dispersing some of the sound waves.

Wide range of functional applications

The PARTHOS collection consists of four types of acoustic columns. By combining them with different NARBUTAS acoustic solutions, you can create acoustic comfort and a stylish environment for your employees.

An acoustic column without additional accessories serves its main purpose of absorbing sound. You can choose from three different heights – 800 mm, 1200 mm, and 1600 mm.

An acoustic column with space for a plant pot allows you to create a biophilic design that will brighten up any interior. This solution is suitable for big meeting rooms, relaxation areas in public spaces and much more. Multiple columns placed side by side can also be used for zoning. Available in three heights – 800 mm, 1200 mm, and 1600 mm.

An acoustic column with hooks is an acoustic product with a distinctive design that can be easily integrated into meeting spaces. You can use hooks to hang your clothes, handbags or bags. Acoustic columns with hooks are 1600 mm high.

An acoustic column with a power socket unit is ideal for meeting rooms or relaxation areas next to lounge seaters. You can use it to charge your smart devices with ease and continue your work or conversation. Choose an 800 mm high acoustic column with the most suitable electric charging station.

Sustainable design

Foam is commonly used in the manufacture of acoustic products, but we have deliberately chosen a more sustainable solution by using upholstery offcuts left over from manufacturing with excellent acoustic properties. Our acoustic columns are covered with PET felt, which looks like wool but is actually made of plastic and uses more than 50% recycled plastic. In total, PARTHOS uses a minimum of 32% recycled materials (metal, PET felt, textile). PARTHOS acoustic columns are easy to disassemble, sort and recycle.

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