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Simplicity is comfort

The CANNIE collection of stools combines high-quality materials into a simple yet playful design that is easily adaptable to different interiors. These stools were designed by the Italian studio S.I. Design.

Available in three heights

The collection consists of stools in three heights: a high stool of 790 mm, a medium high stool of 690 mm and a 500 mm stool. Using them in different office spaces will help you maintain a uniform style.

High quality and comfort

CANNIE may look like a simple stool, but it is guaranteed to offer high quality and comfort to its users. One of the key elements that create a feeling of comfort is the seat, made of soft polyurethane. The solid wood legs will appeal to those who appreciate naturalness. And when sitting on a high or medium high stool, you can place your feet comfortably on the footrest.

Sustainable design

CANNIE stools use materials that meet the needs of today’s consumers and the sustainability principles. These stools are easy to disassemble, sort and recycle. The hard part of the seat and the footrest are made of plastic, which is fully recyclable, as are the solid wood legs. The latter can be made of ash stained light grey or ash stained black. The varnish and paints are water-based and therefore have low emissions of volatile organic compounds. This is a healthy choice for your work environment.

Wide range of applications

CANNIE stools have a wide range of applications. We look for chairs and stools that can be easily moved from one place to another in many everyday situations in the office. CANNIE stools of different heights can be used in office collaborative or meeting spaces, an office kitchen as well as in public spaces.

Multitude of colour combinations

Depending on the space and the design you want to create, you can choose the most suitable upholstery (fabric or artificial leather) and colour combinations. Designers will enjoy combining these stools in different interiors and will be able to choose the colours of the legs, the footrest as well as the plastic of the hard part of the seat and upholstery of the seat. That is 1620 possible combinations in total! They range from neutral combinations that blend in with the surroundings to brighter combinations that can serve as an interior accent.

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