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Make room for one more idea

Imagine you are sitting in your office lounge area on a cosy sofa with a coffee table in front of you. You are talking about projects with your team, showing them colour swatches when you need to write something down. You lean over the table and stay in this posture for a moment. It is not very comfortable, right?
Because of their low height, regular coffee tables are less convenient when used in meeting settings. Nevertheless, informal work meetings and discussions often happen in lounge areas. This poses a problem that the interior designer Annie Lee decided to solve by creating ZooZoo, a coffee table with an atypical height of 69 cm.

With a modern and light design, the ZooZoo collection of coffee tables and poufs that fit easily underneath them invite you to sit down, have a conversation and share ideas.

Coffee tables for both rest breaks and informal meetings

A regular coffee table is between 250 mm and 550 mm in height. Low coffee tables are often used for decorative purposes and help create a stylish interior design as well as provide a surface for small items. With an atypical height of 690 mm, the ZooZoo coffee tables can be used in a much wider variety of situations – whether for putting down a cup of coffee, a magazine or a smart device during a rest break or for writing down ideas during an informal meeting.

Compact poufs for not only a pleasant place to sit but also convenient storage of items

The compact poufs in the collection can be hidden under the coffee table with a light push and pulled out again to create a pleasant place to sit. This design solution makes efficient use of office space without cluttering it. The niche in the pouf is ideal for temporarily storing small items or simply a handbag during a meeting.

Modern and light design

According to the designer, the ZooZoo collection of coffee tables was designed with inviting and friendly curvilinear shapes paired with light and clean lines of metal verticals. The knife edge tabletop brings out sleek and airy feel while the soft shape of the pouf maintains a welcoming atmosphere. The niche under the seat of the ZooZoo pouf not only provides additional functionality and storage for small items but also helps maintain the unity of the design language. Just like the coffee tables, the poufs look modern and light.

Multitude of possible combinations and adaptability in various interiors

The combination of different finishes and colours available for the ZooZoo collection opens up a broad range of possibilities for designers, allowing them to customise the furniture to suit different interiors. The wide choice of finishes and colours available will enable you to create the desired aesthetic that will align seamlessly with your interior design concept. Whether you are going for a subtle neutrality or a bold, eye-catching look, the ZooZoo collection can be versatile and easily adaptable.

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