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Make your workspace more dynamic

We are coming back to the offices for inspiring collaboration – to recreate the chance encounters that spark new ideas. Therefore, modern workspaces are inevitably changing, becoming more active, flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the employee or team.

To create a dynamic environment that stimulates creativity and increases employee engagement, we have designed an original piece of furniture that will allow you to break free from the established office environment and instantly transform it into a completely different one, as the situation demands. WORKLAB is a multifunctional piece of furniture that allows you to comfortably use a conference wall, whiteboard, temporary workplace, shelves or make a private space where it is needed the most. Combining all these functions creates a modern and dynamic environment where there is a flow between individual work and team work.

The idea arose from the need to have a dynamic workspace and to break free from orderly office schemes. It has been designed to fit in all those spaces that need to be modified on demand.

Baldanzi & Novelli designers

Distinctive design and ensured mobility

This multifunctional piece of furniture was designed by the Italian design studio Baldanzi & Novelli designers. The construction of WORKLAB is based on a metal frame that is robust, durable and easy to clean. Its shape is simple, but also stands out in a traditional work environment. Large castors are an integral part of the WORKLAB design, ensuring the mobility of this piece of furniture and enhancing its unique image.

Triple functionality

The modern office is like a living organism that adapts to the needs of employees, different types of tasks they perform and help them to do their work more efficiently. The WORKLAB multifunctional piece of furniture is designed for an ever-changing work environment. It consists of a single frame that can perform three different functions: that of a conference wall, a temporary workplace and a shelf. According to Baldanzi & Novelli designers, WORKLAB is neither a bookshelf, nor a desk and nor a cabinet – it is all these things in one piece of furniture and more. Choose one of the pre-made base models and change the elements to create a piece of furniture that best meets your needs.

1. Conference wall. The WORKLAB model with an option of attaching a display screen is a mobile centre for team meetings and a tool to foster active collaboration. There is the possibility of hanging a whiteboard on the other side, making this piece of furniture functional on both sides.
2. Temporary workplace. When combined with a desk, WORKLAB makes a great temporary workplace and allows you to focus on individual tasks. The display screen can be hung on either its front side or back side.
3. Shelf. This WORKLAB model acts as a playful partition and practical shelf. The back may be closed or semi-open. A display screen can also be hung on the back if required.

A synthesis of different functions is what you need for an ever-changing work environment.

Power solutions

The cable tray and well-thought-out placement of the power socket and power cord outlet ensure that convenient access to electricity is maintained when changing the WORKLAB’s location.

For user convenience and cosiness

Once you have customised the model that is right for you, you can also order a hook, shelf or side panels for additional functionality. Using these accessories, you will be able to conveniently store things or create more private spaces. They will also become playful design elements in the interior.

Combinations of finishes for the most demanding user

Feel free to mix and match a perforated metal sheet in different colours, melamine and upholstery to create different, original and innovative furniture and the style you want. The abundance of finishes and the option of customising each piece of furniture allows even the most demanding user to suit his/her preferences.

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