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WIND Low-back

WIND Low-back

Enjoy functionality like never before!

The WIND family of chairs offers a combination of ergonomic features, functionality and unique design. Task chairs, high swivel chairs and visitor chairs designed for dynamic and efficient work and collaborative use are ideally suited for modern office spaces characterized by a unifying and unique WIND design.

WIND high task chairs are an indispensable part of a dynamic work environment.

Dynamic and flexible work setting

The standards of ergonomic in modern office spaces are constantly changing, just as our understanding as to what work environment is best for the performance and well-being of office workers. One thing is clear: it is important to change one’s body posture throughout the day and avoid staying in the same position for extended periods of time. WIND high task chair is great because it can be easily adapted to a variety of work settings, whether it is a sit-stand desk, a high desk or reception furniture.

Keeping you comfortable and safe

With their soft, comfortably shaped seat and ergonomically designed mesh backrest, WIND chairs are comfortable to sit on even for long periods of time. Ring-shaped adjustable-height leg rest allows you to adjust the chair to your height, maintain a correct seating position and avoid unpleasant back and neck pain. The casters will provide extra safety and stability as they will be locked in place while you sit.

Minimalist and functional mesh design

The backrest with a flexible mesh easily adapts to the natural shape of the user’s spine. The aesthetic breathable mesh material ensures all-day comfort, no matter what seating position you use.

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