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An invitation to pause and to spend some time reflecting, relaxing or communicating with colleagues

TWIST&SIT Soft lounge furniture with its expressive design is an invitation to pause and to take a break from the hectic pace of the day. These lounge seaters will help you add a homely feel to your office spaces and create a relaxing atmosphere. The models available in different sizes and high-back or low-back versions allow you to transition smoothly from individual tasks that require some level of concentration to team meetings or chatting with colleagues to catch up on the latest news while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Inspired by the TWIST&SIT lounge furniture collection

Our internationally recognised TWIST&SIT collection which has received the Red Dot Award was born thanks to our successful partnership with the Danish design duo Christina Strand and Niels Hvass. It served as a source of inspiration for the new product line which has retained the iconic design features and is an ideal choice for those who prefer seating furniture that feels softer and more relaxing. Thanks to the recurrent design motives, the lounge chairs, armchairs and sofas fit together perfectly, help to create a uniform style and ensure a broader range of potential uses.

Exceptional design rhythms

Well-rounded shapes and a distinctive connection between the lower and upper parts of the backrest create an expressive and instantly recognisable look. The immaculate look is achieved thanks to the stitching details extending smoothly throughout the surface of the seater from top to bottom.

An ultimate sense of comfort

TWIST&SIT Soft seaters ensure a comfortable sitting experience thanks to the increased thickness of the polyurethane padding. Besides highlighting the visually distinctive design of the seater, the design elements of the backrest also serve an important function as the recessed lower part of the backrest subtly conforms to the natural contours of the spine, making the user feel comfortable. The side openings facilitate movement of air and come in handy when moving the seater from one place to another. A high-back seater will help you ensure a greater level of privacy in your office space since the high back will serve as a barrier shielding the user from background noise and providing acoustic comfort.

Lounge chairs and sofas for a broad array of office settings

The TWIST&SIT Soft collection is comprised of various seaters available in different sizes ranging from one-seater armchairs to two-seater or three-seater sofas that come in low-back or high-back versions. The broad range of options accommodates any office setting, whether small or large, open or private. The seaters are easily adaptable and are perfect for office reception areas, relaxation areas, informal meeting spaces, meeting rooms or casual work areas.

Designed to meet diverse needs of employees

The backrests available in two different heights are designed to meet different needs that employees may have in the office. Low-back armchairs and sofas are ideal for office reception areas or open-plan relaxation spaces, lounge zones or cafés. This type of seaters foster collaboration between people. High-back seaters is a convenient solution for employees who need a private space for themselves where they can escape from the noisy office environment and relax or focus on individual tasks. These seaters can also be used as a space divider to visually separate office spaces.

Colour combinations

With its special stitching pattern and a wide range of fabric and leather look options, TWIST&SIT Soft will enable you to choose the best single-colour or two-tone seaters for your office interior. Create a desired office mood in your office with classical or subdued colours, earth tones or more vibrant and eye-catching colour combinations.

Practical accessories

High-back seaters may come with optional accessories which can serve as additional statement pieces.
The round-shaped wooden knob can be used for convenient hanging of personal items (jackets, coats, backpacks or handbags). The lacquered solid ash wood is ideal for those who appreciate an authentic look, whereas the lacquered black stained option is perfect for those who opt for a unique style. Both options are easily compatible with different seater bases.
A swivel table is a practical solution for those who want to combine work and relaxation. The left-handed or right-handed table provides a convenient surface for placing a laptop, a cup of coffee or a book.

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