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TrilloPro is a chair for everyone. Simple but not boring. This is our answer to the need for modern offices that are beginning to become a game board - action, continuous movement, changing places, new tasks, shorter and longer meetings. The employee is less and less often attached to one work place. He decides where he will operate now - depending on the current needs. What chair will meet the requirement of such a mobile and active environment? Universal, modern, easy to use and economical.

Swivel task chair designed to make every user feel comfortable. The synchro-self mechanism ensures adjustment to the user's weight - without time-consuming adjustments. Perfect equipment for collaborative space, co-work, home office, hot desks and conference rooms. Despite its simplicity, TrilloPro has several versions to choose from - plastic or upholstered backrest, plastics in two colors and five- or four-star bases. TrilloPro hocker with footrest is also a family member, i.e. a chair ideal for high desks.

Aesthetic, minimalist chair, but also characteristic thanks to the cut along the backrest. The profiled backrest and soft seat guarantee convenience and comfort during work. A small number of elements is a very easy assembly and disassembly. A chair for everyone. Especially for active, conscious people who like change, but who value interesting design, convenience, good product quality and its positive impact on the environment. Its compact size, as well as aesthetic and distinctive appearance allow for easy adaptation. Thanks to the possibilities of playing with colors, it will diversify the space in an interesting way.

  • 20ST - plastic backrest, Self mechanism, 5-star base
  • 21ST - plastic backrest with upholstered pad, Self mechanism, 5-star base
  • 20HST - plastic backrest, Self mechanism, 4-star base, high
  • 21HST - plastic backrest with upholstered pad, Self mechanism, 4-star base, high

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