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Ride a crest of a wave

Meet SURF – the newest member of NARBUTAS task chair family. When it comes to style and comfort there’s no need for compromise. This chair offers it all.

An inspiring design

The first impression is always important. SURF will definitely stand out from the crowd thanks to its main distinctive feature – an appealing backrest silhouette resembling a windsurfing sail. A unique shape combined with a palette of vivid colours will create a dynamic atmosphere, boost productivity, and bring waves of fresh ideas to your office.

The backrest and lumbar support of the SURF task chair were created by the German designer Justus Kolberg. Justus is known for creating products that are in balance with the human form and are able to provoke emotions. Having these aspects in mind – SURF is not an exception. This chair is a perfect blend of excellent design and undeniable sitting comfort.

The designer has received numerous awards including the IF Hannover Design Award, the Red Dot Design Zentrum NRW, the IDEA Gold Award and the Japanese Good Design Award.

Design combines simplicity, elegance, modernity, and comfort

Justus Kolberg

A versatile workplace solution

Nowadays, a workplace cannot be only defined by a dedicated space in an office. As more and more employees work from home, the demand for a comfortable and functional working set-up is constantly increasing. Due to its modern design, customizable features, and wide selection of colours, the SURF task chair will easily fit in any office or home environment. Add style to the interior by mixing and matching different tones of the backrest frame and mesh, lumbar support, armrests, base, as well as, seat upholstery.

A unique mesh for SURF

With the new SURF task chair, comes the new Runner Mesh. The mesh design combines functionality and aesthetics in a surprising and exclusive way. It was designed to give the furniture an inviting and intriguing surface, and with its updated colour range, it expands the possibilities of integrating the fabric into upholstery for different surroundings.


Breathable material

The aesthetic breathable material ensures a constant airflow preventing overheating of the back.

A special 3D structure

The mesh boasts a distinctive three-dimensional structure that gives this chair a living element and an individual look.

Soft and light

The soft and light mesh adapts to the contour of the user’s back and provides a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout the day.

Wide colour palette

The new fabric brings 9 different colours giving freedom for creative combinations. The chair in neutral earth tones will perfectly fit into any modern interior while bright colours will bring an indispensable accent to the office.

Fine-tune your comfort level

SURF adjustment features:

Height-adjustable lumbar support

A flexible backrest mesh membrane adapts to the natural curves of your back while the height-adjustable lumbar support induces a correct posture while seated. This chair will deliver an enjoyable sitting experience even for the most demanding users.

2D or 3D armrests

Give proper support for your arms and shoulders while working long hours at the desk. SURF can be supplied with either two or three direction soft pad armrests that can be easily adjusted for the most comfortable experience.

Synchro mechanism with backrest travel limitation or backrest locking

The chair is available with two different options of synchro mechanism (either backrest travel limitation or backrest locking) which gives harmonized movements of the seat and backrest, as well as, allows the user to choose an individual sitting position. In addition, a mechanism with backrest locking has a negative tilt feature which helps to reduce lower back pressure.

Up to 60 mm seat-depth adjustment

The seat depth adjustment allows adapting the chair based on the user‘s stature. Moving the seat in and out will minimize pressure on the thighs and give proper backrest support while distributing the body weight evenly across the seat cushion.

Tilt tension adjustment

This function allows you to control how easily the chair tilts, depending on your weight and the force that is being used to lean back.

Nothing unnecessary

As “Narbutas International” leans towards more sustainable production, this chair is supplied partially assembled. This creates less waste and reduces the number of resources used. Moreover, it minimizes the assembling costs and time as the chair can be prepared for use in just a few simple steps and does not require any additional tools.

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