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Lounge system inspired by the new generation

With the generational shift occurring in the workforce, Generation Y now accounts for the largest percentage of the labour force participants, bringing along change in the work environment with them. Job satisfaction is very important for Millennials. They also believe that the ability to work successfully should not be confined to a formal setting, and that any place with an internet connection and a power supply to charge a laptop can become a place of work.

Focusing on your work while snuggling in comfort in a cushioned armchair or with your feet stretched out on a sofa has become a commonplace thing. A casual environment creates a relaxed atmosphere, makes interactions glide easier, boosts motivation levels encouraging people to focus more on the tasks at hand, and provides inspiration for creative work.

Being open to new things, a sense of freedom, and the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations were the source of inspiration behind SOFT ROCK lounge seating collection. Lounge seaters are no longer just a part of a lounge area. The SOFT ROCK lounge seaters blend subtly into all kinds of lounge or work spaces for both public and private use and help to create a welcoming, safe and calm atmosphere for relaxation, informal meetings, collaborative or individual tasks. This modular lounge seating system adds more freedom and mobility to modern offices and promotes a stress-free approach to daily tasks.

Nature-inspired forms

When designing SOFT ROCK, the designers Christina Strand and Niels Hvass drew inspiration from nature, when they observed the sea’s waves washing over rock and stones on the shore, and rendering those rocks and stones’ shapes softer and smoother. The synergy between rounded shapes and straight lines creates a unique, eye-catching yet simple design. Low-frame SOFT ROCK lounge seaters with a distinctive backrest invite you to sit back in comfort or to lay down and relax.

Modular lounge seating system

SOFT ROCK is a flexible modular system consisting of a series of lounge seaters available in different sizes and forms which can be easily combined or rearranged to make efficient use of the space. Unleash your creativity and set up desired combinations by selecting a piece of furniture of your choice from our range of six main lounge seaters available in different sizes, with straight or curved lines, and with or without a backrest.

Privacy and safety

The screens can be harmoniously integrated into the SOFT ROCK lounge seating combinations and can change their purpose. It is a perfect tool allowing you to create a more private area for individual work that requires concentration within an open space. Also, thanks to the screens, you can create a safe atmosphere by ensuring desired distances between people without totally isolating them. Lounge seaters upholstered with synthetic leather are extremely easy to clean and disinfect.

Always “connected”

Technology is an integral part of modern living. In order to meet your need for constant connectivity or, in other words, your need to always remain “connected”, the armrests of the SOFT ROCK furniture have in-built power sockets or fast charging USB (Type A+C) ports. SOFT ROCK lounge seating furniture offers its users a convenient way of charging their mobile phones, laptops or other smart devices.

Wide range of applications

SOFT ROCK lounge seating system has been designed so that it could be easily adapted to individual needs and building architecture. SOFT ROCK can either be a traditional sofa suitable for small spaces or a sprawling “island” which requires a larger space. This lounge seating system helps you create comfortable spaces for collaboration, meetings, face-to-face interactions, training, concentration or relaxation.

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