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Renew your executive workspaces using the ARQUS collection with a modern luxury feel

Offices have undergone a real metamorphosis in recent years. With the rise of open office layouts, collaborative work styles, and a focus on employee engagement, companies have placed more emphasis on creating functional and flexible workspaces for their employees. However, the manager’s role has been somewhat overlooked. Most people associate executive collections with large and solid furniture. We decided to change this established perception a little and encourage a revamp of the image of executive workspaces. We present ARQUS, a collection of executive furniture with a modern luxury feel and distinctive character.

Working with the Italian studio Orlandini Design, we created executive furniture that has light lines, while retaining the presentable image of this furniture category. The collection includes modern executive desks, meeting tables, cabinets and wardrobes. That is all you need to create a comfortable and stylistically unified executive work environment.

Luxurious design with a distinctive character

Luxurious design with a distinctive character The ARQUS executive desk catches the eye with its distinctive metal leg that is extremely sturdy, yet gives the desk a sense of lightness and sets it apart from other products. And the asymmetric desktop is another detail that lets you create a workspace that is different from the usual one. The meeting tables are also special – with a unique boat-shaped tabletop. The subtly rounded shapes and lines of ARQUS come together to create a flawless design with a distinctive character. By using finishes such as veneer and natural leather, the luxurious look of the executive furniture is further enhanced.

What is modern luxury?

Modern luxury refers to a contemporary approach to luxury that embraces a combination of elegance, quality, innovation, and a focus on personal experiences. It incorporates elements of sophistication, minimalism, sustainability, and a heightened emphasis on the intangible aspects of luxury, such as exceptional attention to detail and experience.

Thoughtfully designed and perfected by our experienced professionals, each part of ARQUS furniture exhibits meticulous attention to detail. The furniture in the new collection not only has a distinctive design but is also functional and comfortable for everyday use. ARQUS reflects the vision of modern luxury which emphasises timeless design that transcends trends and fleeting fashion. This executive furniture is manufactured in a modern factory using 100% green, i.e., renewable, energy. It is made from durable, top-quality materials that are pleasant to the touch and will stand the test of time. You can ensure sustainable end-of-life management for the products by disassembling the furniture up to 96% and recycle its parts. Their recycling rate is also 96%.

The executive room: a reflection of the organisation’s image

Executive rooms serve as a reflection of the organisation’s image and brand. Refurbishing these spaces allows the company to project an up-to-date image, conveying a sense of professionalism, innovation, and relevance. This can impact clients, partners, and employees, creating a positive first impression and enhancing the overall perception of the organisation.

The expressive ARQUS metal leg and the asymmetric shape of the desktop communicate change, representing the manager’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances and look at situations from a different angle. With the new executive furniture collection, you will create a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity as well as an aesthetically pleasing, functional and comfortable environment. This will inspire not only managers but also other employees. Executive rooms often serve as spaces for collaboration, decision-making, and communication. By creating flexible layouts and refurbishing these rooms with meeting tables, which offer easy access to electricity, and comfortable chairs, we will foster a more collaborative environment.

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