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POLYTONE – a modern design which creates a perfect balance of style and functionality. POLYTONE collection consists of three types of visitor, conference and dining chairs made of plastic: POLYTONE-C, POLYTONE-L and POLYTONE-O. Three different characters which will blend in perfectly with different office settings and will be ideal for a variety of activities – meetings, collaborative work, conferences, short-term tasks or relaxation. POLYTONE – plastic chairs designed for the rhythm of modern work.

POLYTONE-O chairs have been designed by Orlandini Design. These 100% plastic compact chairs featuring thin lines and ergonomic shape will look stylish both in indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a very versatile choice in terms of both use and maintenance.

Practical and durable material

POLYTONE chairs are made of premium-grade polypropylene plastic. Plastic is one of the most versatile materials which is appreciated not only for its affordable price but also for easy maintenance and durability. Most importantly, plastic is an extremely malleable material. Thus, it can be easily formed to take on complex design shapes.

Recycled plastic...

• is fully environmentally sustainable polypropylene. • is formed entirely from a mixture of reused materials: approx. 50% industrial and 50% consumer waste (textile products, packaging, and children’s toys). • is carefully treated and reinforced with fibreglass. • has the same functional and water resistance properties as the new plastic. We will continue to contribute to the creation of sustainable projects offering the chair versions in black and light grey colours (which are probably our best-selling colour options) made from 100% recycled plastic.

Two models – large potential for adaptability

POLYTONE-O chairs come in two clear-cut versions: with or without armrests. Just two versions provide a wide range of potential uses of these chairs: you can easily use them in meeting, conference or dining spaces.

A modern work environment

is more than just a comfortable and ergonomic personal workstation. It encompasses a wide range of different activities which revolve around a practical, functional and stylish chair.

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