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For a good impression in the meetings

NORTH CAPE chairs are exquisite and stylish, thus can perfectly represent company in meeting and guest areas. Quite often in a bigger executive office, there is some space devoted for meetings. A composition of NORTH CAPE executive and visitor chairs is a harmonious and modern combination, which will surely make a good impression.

Inspired by the hills of Tuscany

Upon the request from NARBUTAS, NORTH CAPE chairs were created by the Italian design studio „Baldanzi & Novelli designers“. It was our first mutual project, which later on grew to long-lasting partnership. The aim of the project was to create a chair, having an exceptional identity, which would combine and reveal Italian and Lithuanian styles.

The first sketches were made in the region of Tuscany (Italy), when the hilly landscape was whitened by harsh winter weather. Winter is a season when two distant countries become similar. These sketches revealed one common feature of the two cultures, which is simplicity.

The beauty of the design lies in simplicity

According to Adriano Baldanzi, simple shapes of NORTH CAPE chairs remind calmly sleeping Tuscan hills in winter, and design ideas are rational, just like people from the northern regions. NORTH CAPE design is a combination of simple but at the same time strict lines and soft curves. Rectangular armrests made of polyurethane fit the backrest harmoniously. Unique, laconic curve of the backrest fluently going down to the line of the seating part, creates a subtle silhouette of the chair, which has already become the identity of this chair.

An abundance of stylish combinations

Having a wide variety of choice for materials and colours, you can create many different combinations for meeting and collaborative areas: not only minimalist, calm, but also expressive, attracting attention and classy. In any office interior, let it be classic or modern, NORTH CAPE chairs will look sophisticated. In order to ensure the suitability of the chair for different office areas, it is possible to choose from 2 different types of armrests for the polyurethane unit of the backrest and the seating part. Both of these armrests are created specially for the family of NORTH CAPE chairs. Rectangular armrests made of polyurethane creates cosiness, visual grace, while plastic armrests will give a more open and minimalist appearance for the chair. It is also possible to choose a visitor chair without armrests. This option will give you more space for the movement.

2 sizes for different needs

In order to perfectly suit the user’s needs, NORTH CAPE visitor chairs have 2 sizes. Chairs with lower backrests do not have armrests and are perfect for sitting comfortably in waiting or smaller meetings areas. Conference chairs with the size and proportions of the seating part as well as the choice options for armrests coinciding with those of task chairs are suitable for more spacious meetings rooms, where longer or maybe very important meetings take place that might also represent the company.

A choice from 3 bases

There are three options for NORTH CAPE visitor chair base, which suit different needs and office areas. Swivel, 4-leg base in polished aluminium provides elegance and sophistication. Chairs with such base create a representative image and can decorate guest welcoming areas and meeting rooms. While chairs with cantilever base or 4-leg base are convenient for smaller, cosier meeting areas.

More comfort

We all understand comfort differently. Ordering a seat cushion additionally, you will make your NORTH CAPE chair even softer. Besides, a seat cushion can also function as an exclusive accent of colour. It is easy to remove the cover of the cushion, thus you will be able to clean the cover if needed or change it into a new one.

Style that easily blends in

NORTH CAPE chair family is composed of stylish, sophisticated and also functional executive, task, visitor and conference chairs. It is a perfect choice, which allows to join executive, working and meeting areas as well as reception and guest areas by uniting, delicate style. You can choose from wide fabric, genuine leather and leather look range, which provides a variety of different colours and materials. NORTH CAPE chairs not only easily blend in with different office interiors, but also suit different workers‘ needs.

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