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Your best MOVE!

Today’s work environment is changing and evolving rapidly. Some of these changes occur in the form of workplace design trends or management styles. Being a successful leader requires empathy and the ability to motivate employees to grow together with the company. Today managers have to make vital decisions that shape our tomorrow: the way employees will work, the choice of products or services that will be offered to customers, and the company’s contribution to environmental well-being. An inspiring and convenient workplace is essential to achieve the best results.

MOVE is a minimalist, elegant and functional executive office furniture system for a modern leader. It helps to stay on the move and be active even at a work desk. Keep moving, stay healthy and productive.

Move! is a slogan of the modern man that represents the victory of mobility against stagnation, sloth and succumbing to negativity. A true modern leader is driven and open to innovation, a cosmopolitan dictating healthy lifestyle and a teacher who shapes his or her environment with dignity.

Gediminas Juška

Health is your greatest wealth

Increased interest in healthy living has created demand for ergonomic solutions. Ergonomics has become synonymous with a modern office environment and executive spaces. A leader is a role model, a coach and motivator who is driven and who can inspire his or her employees.

MOVE executive office furniture system combines the best in ergonomics and cutting-edge technology and is designed for active leaders. Height can be adjusted between 740 mm and 1,300 mm so the desk can be easily adapted to personal needs.

Minimalism is the new luxury

A distinct feature of MOVE executive furniture is its mature and minimalist design. Clean, elegant lines, smooth transitions and subtle combinations of materials are guaranteed to make a strong visual impact in any office. HPL Fenix finish, natural oak, ash or walnut veneer and polished stainless steel surfaces form a harmonious whole and create a sense of subtle luxury.

Every detail matters

MOVE is a top-quality product which stands out for its uncompromising standards of excellence in craftsmanship. Curved wooden surfaces are shaped employing traditional manufacturing methods and following highest quality standards. Parts of different materials are joined together with every detail in mind. Bookcases and cabinets have cut-out holes with rounded edges for convenient opening instead of regular handles. Every material and solution used for this furniture has been chosen to give users the best possible experience.

Declutter your workplace

MOVE desk has a built-in 110-230V AC power unit. The hidden wires can be accessed by opening an elegant minimalist lid. Wires and cables are routed through a subtle triangular-shaped hole with an original cover in a colour that matches that of the desktop or natural wood. MOVE desk also has an in-built best-in-class Qi wireless charger (15W) for your smart devices.

Everything you need

Besides fixed-height or height-adjustable desks, MOVE executive furniture system also includes storage solutions to keep your office essentials and personal belongings close at hand. The desk cabinet drawers with special inserts will ensure a well-organised workspace. Using all the elements from the MOVE furniture system, including a desk, a bookcase, cabinets and shelves, you can create a representative and functional executive workspace. MOVE furniture system is designed to meet even the most exacting needs of executive offices.

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