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MOTION Executive

MOTION Executive

Modern desk for an active leader

A possibility to stay active at work is a huge advantage and gift for our health. Regular change of body position has a positive impact on our well-being and helps us to concentrate better, while ergonomic and tidy workplace leads to good emotions. That is just what a modern leader needs: good concentration for making decisions and good mood, which might determine a positive attitude of his or her team.


MOTION Executive is a system of electric height adjustable desks, designed for a workplace of a dynamic leader. This desk is a combination of modern elegance and thoughtful functionality.

Modern sophistication

MOTION Executive is modern but at the same time looks elegant. Panel legs hide the space under the desk giving more visual privacy. The feeling of elegance and sophistication is strengthened by the huge size of the top, which is designed for comfortable work. According to your needs, you can choose from two MOTION Executive models, which are different in their construction and availability of finishes.

Elegance and naturalness

Executive desk made of veneer looks elegant and is designed for those who appreciate naturalness. The top has a subtly chamfered edge, while side panel wraps the desk and makes it look more united and stylish.

Cosiness in simplicity

MOTION Executive desk with melamine finish does not have a side panel and looks more simple and modest. Also, in comparison with veneer top, melamine top has ABS edging. Such desk brings cosiness into the interior because of its simplicity.

Reveal your style and individuality

Create such a desk which will suit your interior and personality best. MOTION Executive can have even 36 combinations! In order to emphasise elegance and create an impression of luxury, choose natural finishes. The insert of the panel leg can be made of black, grey HPL Fenix or white HPL. For a melamine combination, you will have a choice of 8 colours for the top, while the insert of the leg can be white, black or pearl grey. Additionally, you can order a modesty panel, matching the top and preserving a united style.

Minimalist cleanliness or organised neatness

Depending on the type of job, you can choose from two types of MOTION Executive desks. Modern techonologies save us from having plenty things on our desks, because today we can do more and more tasks on our smart phones or laptops. For an executive working in this manner a perfect choice, saving space, is a minimalist desk without a pedestal or drawers. However, if there is a need for some functional space for storing, you can choose a fixed spacious pedestal on the left or right side.

Functional storing

The storage space of MOTION Executive desk consists of several pedestals with different sizes and drawers. The biggest pedestal opens with a light push and has one height adjustable shelf. Four available drawers do not have handles either, which adds to the image of clean workplace. You can also order metal file bars for document storing. Easily reachable drawer that is situated in the upper corner is very convenient for storing your valuables. To ensure safety the drawer can be lockable from the side. It is also possible to order fabric insert for the drawer of the colour that you like, which will add to cosiness as well.

Convenient solutions for electricity

Generally speaking, all the electrical and internet wires not only make our work less convenient and pleasant, but also ruins the beautiful office interior. In order to avoid this, a lot of attention was paid to find functional solutions for wiring and other electricity issues. Spiral cables help to create an image of neatness. You can choose if you want to access and charge your electronic gadgets in the integrated power blocks using flip sockets or grommets.

Obstacle avoidance system

Desk is often surrounded by other things or furniture. When changing the height of the desk, you can accidentally hit a pedestal. However, this can be avoided. MOTION EXECUTIVE desk is integrated with a sensitive gyroscope-based solution unit that senses both hard and soft obstacles. Anti-Collision unit detects even a slight tilt in the desk while the desk is going up or down. It can limit material damage to a desk or an object if a collision occurs.

Easy to use

The lowest position of MOTION Executive sit-stand desk is 700 mm, while the highest is 1200 mm high. You can adjust the height of the desk by simply pressing the button or with a remote control application via Bluetooth on your chosen smart device. You can save the most comfortable positions. Using LINAK application, you can also get a reminder to change your body position: to stand up or sit down.

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