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Acoustic panels for noise management

There is plenty of hustle and bustle in open-plan offices: meetings, phone conversations and the sounds of office equipment create a noisy environment which causes distractions for the staff and reduces efficiency.

Acoustic panels offer a modern solution for noise management. Their main purpose is to minimise reverberation (echo) and noise to a maximum extent possible, in this way improving acoustic comfort. The panels contain a special patented and certified material designed to efficiently absorb sound. MODUS acoustic panels offer class C sound absorption.

Wide range of applications

The MODUS acoustic panel system includes wall panels, horizontal ceiling panels, and vertical ceiling (double-sided) panels. Besides helping to create better acoustics in the office, they also serve as an excellent tool for creating spaces and subtle design solutions in the office.

An excellent interior detail

You can mix and match different panels using six possible size options, two different thickness options (40 or 70 mm) and colours of your choice. This will add a lively quality to your office walls and help you create a unique interior

Functional ceiling solution

Horizontal ceiling panels can be lowered from the ceiling at different heights, so you can choose a desired height based on your individual needs.

Dividing open space into smaller ones

Vertical ceiling panels offer a convenient way to create cosy spaces. The distinctive feature of this type of panels is that they are double-sided, so you can choose a different fabric colour for each side of the panel.

Creating different interior looks

We offer a wide range of colours and fabrics which will allow you to create different interior looks and help you set your desired mood in your office space. Choose combinations that match the colours of your office if you want to create a harmonious uniform look, and opt for brighter ones to add a lively touch to the office space and to enrich it with distinctive interior details.

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