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AIR Executive

AIR Executive

Purity and elegance

Aesthetic, minimalistic yet extremely functional AIR Executive design provides an outstanding feeling of comfort and openness. The essential parts of AIR Executive is its solid natural wood veneer table top and steel legs that ensure not only the elegant feel of the table, but also its stability. The integrated drawers are lined with high quality natural leather. You can choose accompanying cabinets with the same distinctive leg detail as well as minimalistic wardrobes and other storage solutions.

Hidden wiring

Steel table legs are designed in a way that hides all the cable wiring and allows you to keep all the unnecessary items out of your main workspace.

Two thicknesses

The tables are available in two different desktop thicknesses. The solid 120mm desktop gives the table an air of sophistication and will become the focal point of any office. The 25mm desktop is a universal choice for minimalistic offices, its pleasingly simple design will accentuate the unique structure of the legs.