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Ergonomic workplace with Q-ACTIVE in just 9 minutes

Today’s offices have many requirements – security, sustainability, ergonomics and more. Architects and designers take these requirements into account and create distinctive interiors that match the client’s vision. Companies with the well-being of their employees as their top priority choose furniture that is high quality, ergonomic and easily adaptable to different needs. Teams working on large projects constantly seek ways to maximise time efficiency and optimise resources.

In response to these trends, we present you Q-ACTIVE, a quick-assembly and electric height-adjustable desk. The new sit-stand desks make it quick and easy to set up comfortable workplaces and can be easily adapted to different working styles and changing tasks thanks to their versatility.

Workplace ready in just 9 minutes

Quick assembly is the main advantage of this desk, which helps save time and resources. We can assemble the whole Q-ACTIVE desk in just 9 minutes! The assembly includes unpacking the parts, assembling the frame, fixing the desktop, managing the cables, attaching the button and turning the desk on for use. This process is made easier not only by the structure of the desk but also optimised smart packaging which ensures smoother and faster product assembly. This saves both time and money.

Simple design – a wide range of applications

Q-ACTIVE has a wide range of desktop sizes and colours that will allow designers to create the right combinations for different office spaces: from small, individual or short-term workspaces to spacious workplaces. Q-ACTIVE is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be successfully customised to suit both new and existing office interiors, for example, if you want to renew furniture and replace fixed-height desks with sit-stand desks.

Developed according to the sustainability principles

Sustainability is one of NARBUTAS’ strategic, long-term directions and Q-ACTIVE is an example of how we strive to achieve this. The desk is made of high-quality and durable materials – melamine and metal. The Q-ACTIVE desks are packed in optimised packaging with minimal air space. In this way, we transport more furniture and reduce the amount of CO2 emitted in the logistics chain. The desk can be easily disassembled and reassembled when needed. However, when the Q-ACTIVE desk becomes irrelevant, sustainable end-of-life management for the product can be ensured by disassembling it, sorting and recycling its parts. Up to 99% of this desk can be disassembled and its recycling rate is 90%.

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