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The rules are simple: never stop creating!

Strict and formal interior design has given way to creativity, freedom and individuality when it comes to modern office environments. Reception furniture is the first thing that your visitors see when they enter your office and it affects the first impression your company makes on them. It is a business card of any company and it conveys its signature style.

DOMINO is a unique piece of furniture that will enable you to create workplace solutions tailored to your needs. A large choice of fabrics, colours and sizes offers an endless range of combinations. The rules are simple: never stop creating!

Easy way to create unique reception furniture

Firstly, choose the furniture base that suits you best from a range of nine different options. DOMINO base is only a background for mixing and matching different colours and textures.

Secondly, combine two thicknesses of exterior panels (18 and 31 mm). This will add character to the pattern being created.

Thirdly, choose panels in multiple colours and combine different coatings: upholstery, melamine and natural veneer.

Lastly, create your own custom pattern using panels available in 200, 400, 600 and 800 mm sizes.

In just 4 steps, you will create an original design for each piece of DOMINO reception furniture. There are no two identical rounds in the games of dominoes, just like there are no two identical DOMINO pieces of furniture!

Ergonomic workplace

You can create an ergonomic workplace using both regular or sit-stand desks which can be adjusted to a chosen height by employees. This will allow them to periodically change their posture, keeping them active and boosting their level of productivity.

Cosy atmosphere and acoustic comfort

For your DOMINO setup, we recommend using MODUS acoustic screens which will allow you to maintain consistency in your interior style and provide employees with a sense of privacy.

Cable management solutions

DOMINO reception furniture has all the cable management solutions that are necessary for an ergonomic workplace. Electrical and internet cables will not get in your way and your desk area will be clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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