Sigma - office furniture and chairs
Sigma - office furniture and chairs
Sigma - office furniture and chairs



For effective workplace design

Office workplace layout constantly changes and evolves into solutions that enable employees to adapt their workplaces to their individual needs. A perfect workplace environment ensures a simple way of adding new workplaces, a large number of workplace planning options, and a desired level of privacy.

We are introducing our new desks system ROUND which promises a win-win situation in organising workplaces in large open-space offices. ROUND desk system allows you to effectively use the office space and to easily create comfortable workplaces that can be either open or which can offer greater privacy to fit your team’s needs. This system offers everything you need to create efficiently designed workplaces that boost employee productivity and help them succeed in pursuing their goals.

Inspired by organic rounded shapes

We have developed the ROUND collection drawing inspiration from the rounded design and aiming to provide a greater choice for our customers. It stands out from the NARBUTAS product portfolio which, until now, mostly featured rectangle-shaped desks and meeting tables. It all started from round metal tube legs which later became the product’s main distinctive feature. The ROUND identity is further strengthened by the desktop with subtly rounded edges. The organic curved shapes are pleasant to the touch and encourage closer cooperation and sharing of ideas among team members.

From single desk to bench desks for collaborative tasks

Create workplaces based on the number of employees and the nature of the tasks performed ranging from single desks to bench desks. The latter are very popular as they enable both small and large teams to create a workspace ideally suited for collaborative tasks. Adding desk screens to regular workplaces is an excellent way to ensure a greater level of privacy for employees, while at the same time giving them sufficient freedom to share their ideas with other team members.

Sustainable acoustic desk screens

The desk system includes screens with rounded shapes, which is the central axis of the ROUND design.  Desk screens are made from PET felt, a soft and light, yet strong and durable material. More than 50% of the PET felt is made from recycled plastic, and also it is suitable for recycling. This sustainable material possesses excellent sound absorption properties, therefore is a useful tool in creating acoustic comfort at the workplace. ROUND PET desk screens in different widths and heights, various colours and patterns create cosy workplace atmosphere and harmoniously fit in diverse office interiors.

Efficient workplace planning

The ROUND system combines the elements of office desks, cabinets, and screens so that you can create a variety of workplace layouts to meet your needs and to efficiently plan your workspace. Unlike a more conventional workplace layout, this type of system allows placing cabinets near an individual workplace instead of placing them between different bench desks as a way to separate them from one another. In this way, it creates a storage space for keeping personal belongings and office supplies as well as documents within intuitive reach and also helps to increase the surface of the desk by the width of the cabinet.

Modular cabinet system

The Single-sided or double-sided layout of ROUND cabinets provides a great degree of freedom to choose the layout option that works best for a particular type of work. Single-sided cabinets are an excellent solution for employees who need to store a large number of items near their desks. Such layout also ensures required employee circulation within the office. Double-sided cabinets are a convenient solution for collaborative workplaces and in cases where employees do not need to store a large number of items near their desk. Such a solution increases the efficiency of the office space layout as the cabinets can be approached from two sides.

Assignment of workspace

Choose ROUND cabinets and shelves that work bests for your workplace from three height options: desk-height cabinets or shelf units available in two heights and designed to be placed on a cabinet. They will help you to separate storage spaces and allow setting up workplaces according to their functions or other needs and create a desired level of privacy which can vary from employee to employee.

Power management solutions with wide range of applications

The ROUND desk system allows for easy connection of several workplaces into a single electrical circuit. Cabinets serve an important function in power supply and data transmission as they come with a grommet for wire and cable management. The system provides an easy path for electricity to reach the workstation from the cabinet via a cable tray for wire management under the desktop. This also helps to maintain your workplace tidy and well-organised with the wires and cables kept smartly hidden under the desktop or in the cabinet. The cabinets come with space for power blocks. They can also be used for storing a variety of electrical devices such as LAN modems (routers) or even a small UPS system. The power block comes with USB, LAN, and 220V inlets designed for the following five standards: EU, FR, UK, CH, USA. The well-thought-out power management solutions offered by the ROUND system enable you to efficiently connect a group of workstations (up to 6 desks according to European standards and up to 4 desks according to U.S. standards) into a single electric circuit using just one point of power supply on the floor or in the wall.

Human-centred approach

In order to create a perfect workplace environment, it is important to respond to the needs of each employee and to take into account the nature of the different tasks performed. An efficient office harmoniously combines individual and collaborative workplaces, open and private spaces, generous storage solutions, a cosy environment, rational utility management as well as a simple way of increasing the number of workplaces.


Melamine : D1 - Вибілений дуб
Melamine : D1 - Вибілений дуб
Melamine : D2 - Бурштиновий дуб
Melamine : D2 - Бурштиновий дуб
Melamine : D4 - Темний горіх
Melamine : D4 - Темний горіх
Melamine : M1 - Білий
Melamine : M1 - Білий
Melamine : N1 - Темно-сірий
Melamine : N1 - Темно-сірий
Melamine : J4 - Чорний
Melamine : J4 - Чорний
Melamine : M1D2 - Білий з окантовкою бурштинового дуба
Melamine : M1D2 - Білий з окантовкою бурштинового дуба
Melamine : N3 - Перлинно-сірий
Melamine : N3 - Перлинно-сірий
Melamine : N2 - Сірий кубаніт
Melamine : N2 - Сірий кубаніт
Melamine : D5 - Сіре дерево
Melamine : D5 - Сіре дерево
Melamine : D3 - Пісочний ясень
Melamine : D3 - Пісочний ясень


Metal : E - Білий
Metal : E - Білий
Metal : M - Металік
Metal : M - Металік
Metal : T1 - Темно-сірий
Metal : T1 - Темно-сірий
Metal : A - Чорний
Metal : A - Чорний


BONDAI : GE1 - Чорний
GE1 - Чорний
BONDAI : GE2 - Світло-сірий
GE2 - Світло-сірий
BONDAI : GE3 - Оранжевий
GE3 - Оранжевий
BONDAI : GE4 - Синій
GE4 - Синій
BONDAI : GE5 - Фіолетовий
GE5 - Фіолетовий
BONDAI : GE6 - Світло-синій
GE6 - Світло-синій
BONDAI : GE7 - Світло-коричневий
GE7 - Світло-коричневий
BONDAI : GE8 - Салатовий
GE8 - Салатовий
BONDAI : GE9 - Сірий
GE9 - Сірий
BONDAI : GF5 - Червоний
GF5 - Червоний
BONDAI : GF6 - Сіро-синій
GF6 - Сіро-синій


BERTA : AD0 - Чорний
AD0 - Чорний
BERTA : AD1 - Темно-сірий
AD1 - Темно-сірий
BERTA : AD2 - Сірий
AD2 - Сірий
BERTA : AD3 - Світло-сірий
AD3 - Світло-сірий
BERTA : AD4 - Темно синій
AD4 - Темно синій
BERTA : AD5 - Коричневий
AD5 - Коричневий
BERTA : AD6 - Блакитний
AD6 - Блакитний
BERTA : AD7 - Гірчичний
AD7 - Гірчичний
BERTA : AD8 - Світло-коричневий
AD8 - Світло-коричневий
BERTA : AI5 - Червоний
AI5 - Червоний
BERTA : AI8 - Зелений
AI8 - Зелений


LUCIA : YE1 - Чорний
YE1 - Чорний
LUCIA : YE2 - Світло-сірий
YE2 - Світло-сірий
LUCIA : YE6 - Темно-синій
YE6 - Темно-синій
LUCIA : YE7 - Оранжевий
YE7 - Оранжевий
LUCIA : YE9 - Бордовий
YE9 - Бордовий
LUCIA : YF0 - Капучина
YF0 - Капучина
LUCIA : YF9 - Темно-коричневий
YF9 - Темно-коричневий
LUCIA : YH3 - Бірюзовий
YH3 - Бірюзовий
LUCIA : YH5 - Яскраво-червоний
YH5 - Яскраво-червоний
LUCIA : YH7 - Жовтий
YH7 - Жовтий
LUCIA : YR7 - Темно-рожевий
YR7 - Темно-рожевий


VELITO PRESTO : GC1 - Світла м'ята
GC1 - Світла м'ята
GC3 - Жовтий
VELITO PRESTO : GC5 - Темно-рожевий меланж
GC5 - Темно-рожевий меланж
VELITO PRESTO : GS0 - Зелений меланж
GS0 - Зелений меланж
VELITO PRESTO : GS1 - Світло-блакитний
GS1 - Світло-блакитний
GS2 - Сірий
VELITO PRESTO : GS3 - Світло-зелений меланж
GS3 - Світло-зелений меланж
VELITO PRESTO : GS4 - Капучино
GS4 - Капучино
VELITO PRESTO : GS5 - Світло-червоний
GS5 - Світло-червоний
VELITO PRESTO : GS6 - М’ятний колір
GS6 - М’ятний колір
VELITO PRESTO : GS7 - Бордовий меланж
GS7 - Бордовий меланж
VELITO PRESTO : GS8 - Світло-сірий меланж
GS8 - Світло-сірий меланж
VELITO PRESTO : GS9 - Світло-блакитний меланж
GS9 - Світло-блакитний меланж
GZ1 - Чорний
VELITO PRESTO : GZ2 - Сірий меланж
GZ2 - Сірий меланж
GZ3 - Гірчиця
GZ4 - Бежевий
VELITO PRESTO : GZ5 - Червоний меланж
GZ5 - Червоний меланж
GZ6 - Синій
VELITO PRESTO : GZ8 - Коричневий меланж
GZ8 - Коричневий меланж
VELITO PRESTO : GZ9 - Темно-сірий
GZ9 - Темно-сірий


SYNERGY : S45 - Жовтий меланж
S45 - Жовтий меланж
SYNERGY : S46 - Салатовий меланж
S46 - Салатовий меланж
SYNERGY : S53 - Зелений меланж
S53 - Зелений меланж
SYNERGY : S50 - Темно-зелений меланж
S50 - Темно-зелений меланж
SYNERGY : S17 - Чорний меланж
S17 - Чорний меланж
SYNERGY : S55 - Світлий м'ятний колір
S55 - Світлий м'ятний колір
SYNERGY : S56 - Колір м'яти меланж
S56 - Колір м'яти меланж
SYNERGY : S59 - Темно-смарагдовий меланж
S59 - Темно-смарагдовий меланж
SYNERGY : S62 - Нічний синій меланж
S62 - Нічний синій меланж
SYNERGY : S69 - Темно-синій
S69 - Темно-синій
SYNERGY : S27 - Чорний
S27 - Чорний
SYNERGY : S84 - Червоний
S84 - Червоний
SYNERGY : S85 - Червоний меланж
S85 - Червоний меланж
SYNERGY : S68 - Королівський синій меланж
S68 - Королівський синій меланж
SYNERGY : S63 - Блакитний
S63 - Блакитний
SYNERGY : S16 - Сірий меланж
S16 - Сірий меланж
SYNERGY : S08 - Світло-сірий меланж
S08 - Світло-сірий меланж