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CHOICE lockers

CHOICE lockers

Unlock your personal space

Hot desking and activity-based work concept are becoming increasingly relevant in modern offices. For this reason, more shared-desk workplaces emerge and create the need for a space to keep personal things. This makes practical lockers an essential element in offices and collaborative spaces, ensuring a sense of security and overall order while promoting a positive work environment for both employees and office visitors.

The CHOICE modular lockers are a versatile solution for the secure storage of personal and office items, temporary or all-day use. Both mobile employees and those with a permanent workplace as well as office visitors will appreciate this storage solution. The locker cabinets can be used in a variety of office spaces and are particularly suitable near workplaces, in reception areas and corridors.

Easily customisable modular system

The CHOICE collection offers a wide array of cabinet types, from lockers of 3 different heights to cabinets with niches for hanging clothes or a short rest break. Combine modules of the same height (917 mm/1367 mm/1817 mm) to create the combination you want. Choose from two available door heights (450 mm/900 mm) and types – standard or with cut-outs for mail or air circulation.

Variety of locks for different needs – from the simplest cylinder locks to various types of modern electronic locks

Cylinder lock

  • It is unlocked with a key.
  • The lock does not clutter the overall appearance of the door.
  • The key can be folded down, so passers-by will not bump into it when the key is in the door.
  • The lock is suitable for the personal use of the locker only. • Price level: 1.

Combination lock

  • It is unlocked with a code.
  • The lock is a convenient solution for those who do not like to carry keys with them.
  • It has no battery.
  • The lock is suitable for personal or shared lockers.
  • Price level: 2.

Electronic keypad lock

  • It is unlocked with a code.
  • The lock is a convenient solution for those who do not like to carry keys with them.
  • It has a curved handle for convenient opening.
  • The lock is suitable for personal or shared lockers.
  • Price level: 3.

Electronic touchscreen lock

  • It is unlocked with a code or a keycard.
  • It features a convenient touchscreen.
  • The lock is suitable for personal or shared lockers.
  • The user can easily change the locking option.
  • Price level: 3.

Electronic hidden lock

  • It is unlocked with a keycard.
  • The lock hidden behind the door helps the locker maintain a clean and aesthetic appearance. It is the perfect choice for modern and minimalist offices.
  • The lock is suitable for personal or shared lockers.
  • Price level: 4.

Additional accessories

The CHOICE lockers can be customised with additional accessories such as metal shelves, name card holders, hooks for clothes and PET felt baskets. The latter provide a convenient and sustainable solution for transporting personal or work items from the locker to the individual workplace or a collaborative space.

Finishing touch

To complete your locker combination, you can choose from two different sizes of planter boxes where plants will not only improve the indoor air quality but also add a cosy touch. You can also choose the minimalist option with a top panel that will ensure a harmonious look.

Different finishes and colours to create your chosen image

Office lockers can reflect your company’s established culture and brand colours. Use different finishes (melamine, HPL, veneer or even perforated metal) and a wide range of colours to create your chosen image. Your combination can be monochromatic or multi-coloured. Create an expressive, playful or presentable office style.

Sustainable design

The CHOICE lockers feature sustainable design. To make them, we used recycled raw materials and sustainable solutions as much as possible. These lockers are durable, but if you want to renew them, it is very easy to do so with this modular furniture. You can easily replace the door with a new one or switch the existing ones. As your needs change, you can also order additional closed or open modules. However, when the lockers do become irrelevant, we can ensure sustainable end-of-life management for the products by disassembling them, sorting and recycling their parts. Their recycling rate is 97%.

Main raw materials:

• Metal is made of 20–100% recycled raw materials. It is painted using powder paints with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. • Melamine/HPL/veneer-covered chipboards are made of ~20% recycled raw materials. The chipboards we use are low in formaldehyde and meet the strictest standards – CARB and E05.

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