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Minimalist style – unlimited possibilities

A comfortable and modern working environment should be both ergonomic and high-tech and at the same time well-organised. It is best to ensure that your office supplies and personal belongings are close at hand but do not get in your way. This allows employees to create a personalized workplace that makes them feel comfortable.

BOXI storage tower is a simple and universal solution designed to accommodate all office essentials for the daily needs in the office. Thanks to its storage capacity, it can be adjusted to meet specific storage needs of employees and ensures that all essentials are within their reach. A closed storage tower makes an individual workplace well-organised and attractive.

For both teamwork and for the individual

BOXI is a universal office storage system designed for a variety of applications, allowing you to keep your office space well-organised and ensuring functional storage of various items for both large teams as well as the most demanding needs of individuals. All storage towers are available in two depths of 800 mm or 820 mm, thus they can be combined with single desks or bench desks.

Flexible arrangement of work spaces

Choose a preferred tower height: a 740 mm storage tower can serve as an extension to a fixed-height desk, whereas 1090 mm or 1200 mm options will be a great addition to the sit-stand desks or can be used as a workspace divider. BOXI storage towers with shelves can have either right-hand or left-hand configuration thus they can be easily re-arranged if you decide to change the workspace layout.

Visual versatility

BOXI storage towers have a minimalist style and fit in perfectly with a variety of office interiors, at the same time serving as an eye-catching addition to your workspace. BOXI can be used as a universal storage container and it introduces a playful touch to the office space. Mix and match various melamine covers or use a planter box to transform the BOXI storage towers into green islands with flourishing greenery which will be a great way for employees to rest their eyes during a break.

Make the most of all available options

Multi-functional BOXI storage towers with diverse applications can accommodate a variety of employee needs. Choose spacious shelves or universal file drawers, small shelves with an upholstery lining or small drawers for storing small items. BOXI storage towers are ideal for storing personal items, hanging clothes or bags. BOXI storage towers with USB or plug sockets will allow you to charge your mobile devices. BOXI will make your daily office tasks easier at your workplace.

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