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Enjoy more freedom, physical activity and productivity!

You can stay comfortable even if you spend long hours at the desk. With B-ACTIVE, you can easily keep yourself physically active at your workplace and change your working position from sitting to standing or vice versa. This not only supports your physical well-being but also increases your productivity.

B-ACTIVE is a practical electric height-adjustable desk that stands for ergonomics and quality, which is now even more accessible to customers. It is an optimal solution that helps create a modern work environment that has a positive impact on employee well-being.

Helps achieving individual and team goals

B-ACTIVE sit-stand desks are perfect for creating both individual and collaborative workspaces. The desk’s structural features allow you to conveniently place two desks side by side. B-ACTIVE desk is optimally sized and thus allows you to utilize your work space efficiently setting up multiple desks. A collaborative work space offers a safe way for employees to interact and at the same time allows them to adjust and adapt their desks to their individual needs.

Easily adaptable design

B-ACTIVE offers everything you need to help you keep physically active, comfortable and productive while you are in your workspace. Thanks to its lightweight design, the desk is easy to transport and can be easily moved from one part of the office to another. With its compact design and traditional shapes, the B-ACTIVE sit-stand desk can be easily adapted for a number of different workplace types and sizes, whether it is an office, home or any other place of work. Create your desired workplace style and atmosphere by matching the colour of the desk legs with the colour of the desktop.

Ideal desk height

With its wide height adjustment range (675-1145 mm), B-ACTIVE sit-stand desk will allow employees to easily adjust the height of their desk to suit their heigh. The best desk height is different for each user. You can easily adjust the height of the desk at the touch of a button. The memory function allows users to save two desk height preferences for added convenience.

Safety and stability

For greater safety at the workplace, B-ACTIVE has an integrated anti-collision feature and a feature protecting the desk against overloading. While an adjustable height desk is in motion, it could accidentally collide with a cabinet if you lower it all the way down. To prevent this, the feet sensor will automatically stop the desk’s movement if it senses an obstacle in its path. The height of the B-ACTIVE desk is changed through activation of two motors and this solution significantly improves the desk’s stability and its harmonious movement.

Every detail matters

You can choose from two different types of metal legs. Create your own custom B-ACTIVE desk by choosing desired components from the desktop right down to the feet.

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