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Good aura at work is essential just like air

If a place has a pleasant atmosphere with a positive energy, we say that it has a good aura. In Latin aura means a breeze or a breath of air. We have no doubt that a comfortable and functional office chair is as essential as air!

AURA is designed to let you find a comfortable position for work as well as for relaxation. The seating part and the backrest are soft and give enough space to ensure comfort for a user. You can easily adjust the chair according to your needs.

Timeless, easily adaptable design

The design of AURA is modern and timeless; thus, it will suit any interior design.

Polished aluminium and black plastic bases can be combined with different types of armrests. This chair can be upholstered in fabric, leather look and genuine leather. It has a wide variety of available colours, thus you will be able to choose a character for your chair: from modest, easily adaptable to different office interiors, to exclusive, attracting attention by its elegance. In order to retain harmony in the office, we recommend choosing executive, visitor and conference chairs from the same collection.

Functionality according to the user

It will take just few intuitive actions to adjust a functional AURA chair to the most comfortable position. It is possible to adjust the depth of the seat, the height of the backrest and its tension according to individual needs. Tension adjustment allows user to control the rate and ease with which the chair reclines for different weights and strengths. You will also be able to lock the backrest in five different positions comfortable for work and relaxation. Because of the synchronous mechanism with “anti-shock” function, after unlocking the backrest, it comes back to a vertical position in a safe way without an abrupt movement. Finally, you can choose from fixed 2D and 3D armrests. Armrests that are correctly adjusted according to individual needs release tension in your spine, neck and shoulders as well as help to maintain correct sitting position.

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