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Modern luxury with character

Executive furniture is distinguished by carefully selected high-quality materials and elegant design, and reflects the importance and status of the employee within the company. This furniture is often large and solid. Working with the Italian studio Orlandini Design, we decided to change this established perception a little and encourage the refurbishment of executive spaces. We have created executive furniture that has light, flowing lines, while retaining the presentable image of this furniture category.

ARQUS is a collection of executive furniture with a modern luxury feel. Every part of this furniture emphasises a flawless image and a distinctive character. This collection consists of desks, meeting tables, wardrobes and cabinets. By using different pieces of furniture united by design elements, you can create a stylistically unified and harmonious executive work environment.

My goal was to update the executive area and the related furnishing elements, by maintaining the representative importance, but conferring it with lightness and dynamism.

Orlandini Design

Modern luxury design

ARQUS executive furniture has a modern aesthetic that appeals for its simplicity and elegance. The sturdy structure of metal table legs is a distinctive design element that adds the piece of furniture a sense of lightness as well as longevity and durability.

Subtly rounded shapes and lines

The sleek, subtly rounded shapes and lines of ARQUS are reflected in every part of the furniture – in the shape of the legs, the chamfers of the tabletop or cabinets. All the details come together to create a flawless design.

Finishes that create a luxurious look

The collection uses the highest quality materials – natural veneer and leather. They symbolise luxury and refinement.

Desktops in two shapes

You can choose a desk with a regular rectangular desktop or an asymmetric one, where the desktop tapers to the left or right.

Everything you need to create a comfortable environment

Despite its luxurious appearance, modern high-class executive furniture has to be highly functional to provide the desired feeling of comfort. Large desktops are designed for convenient storage of personal items and work tools within easy reach. Other solutions are also available.

A fixed pedestal to the left or right of the desk with a height-adjustable shelf and drawers to free up desk space for work. In addition, you can store your valuables in a lockable drawer.
A free-standing cabinet with two doors, one fixed shelf and one height-adjustable shelf inside as an additional storage solution.
A wardrobe with shelves and a metal pull-out hanging rail is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the outerwear of the manager as well as that of meeting participants.

Power solutions

Thoughtful power solutions will allow you to have a comfortable place to work or hold meetings. Executive desks have built-in power socket blocks and meeting tables come with grommets and boxes for the power socket blocks of your choice.

Accessories to complete the collection

ARQUS accessories are like final touches that make your collection complete down to the smallest detail. If you do not prefer the open feel of a desk, then you can use a modesty panel to enhance your privacy and create a sense of personal space. We also offer a leather mat as an additional accessory. It provides a protective layer for the surface of the desk and helps prevent scratches and stains that can occur from daily use. A leather table mat provides a smooth and comfortable writing surface and enhances the tactile experience when writing or using a computer mouse. It is also simply an elegant accent to the desk.

Environment friendly

ARQUS furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also durable and sustainable. However, when the furniture does become irrelevant, we can ensure sustainable end-of-life management for the products by disassembling the furniture up to 96% and recycling its parts. Their recycling rate is also 96%.

ARQUS consists of three main raw materials

Metal made of ≤100% recycled raw materials. It is painted using powder paints with low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Chipboard made of ~25% recycled raw materials. The chipboard we use is low in formaldehyde and meets the strictest standards – CARB and E05.

Veneer is made of wood, a natural, renewable raw material.

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