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Sound-absorbing interior design elements

ACOUSTIC ARTWORK product range includes acoustic products made from PET felt and designed to improve room acoustics. In pursuit of this goal, creative compositions are born for the modern office where employee well-being is a priority.

The ACOUSTIC ARTWORK system consists of three types of wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted PET felt products (Partitions, Clouds and Tiles). Besides improved acoustics, these products are also ideally suited for performing other functions: dividing and creating office spaces, and designing a unique interior.

Towards greater sustainability

Acoustic products made from PET felt are one of the examples of our efforts to become a more sustainable company. These products are part of circular economy: they encourage responsible use of resources and waste reduction as they are made from recycled materials and are also suitable for recycling. These products feel similar to wool to the touch, but the PET felt is made from plastic and it uses more than 50 percent of recycled plastic.

PET felt properties

This sustainable material possesses excellent sound absorption properties. The porous structure ensures efficient absorption of medium to high frequency noise despite the low thickness of product, which is relevant when working in the office. PET felt is soft and light, yet strong and durable material is ideal for desk screens. It also has a required degree of fire resistance and meets applicable fire safety requirements. Due to the structure PET felt can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Acoustics from above

ACOUSTIC ARTWORK Clouds are a ceiling solution that improves office acoustics. Just like a shadow, this acoustic cloud is always here to efficiently absorb ambient sounds. With the help of these acoustic elements, you will be able create an acoustically comfortable environment for both work and relaxation.

A unique interior detail

The ACOUSTIC ARTWORK Clouds are sure to attract attention thanks to their shape. Choose your desired colour and this acoustic product will serve as a unique interior design element for your office.

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