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Your comfort zone!

Open plan offices mean more space, more light, more freedom, and… more noise in the work environment. Every day, employees face increasing challenges in finding a quiet place to hold meetings, have phone conversations or simply focus on individual work. “A room within a room” is a simple way to keep noise distractions at bay and boost employee productivity.

SILENT ROOM is the oasis of silence in a middle of a modern office. Thanks to this office solution, concentrating at work has never been easier as it enables employees to focus during phone conversations, video conferences or creative tasks without distracting others. SILENT ROOM ensures indoor air quality as well as acoustic and visual comfort for employees.

Less noise, less chaos

With its special design, the SILENT ROOM acoustic pod ensures the right level of sound absorption which means that it blocks both incoming and outgoing noise. The internal acoustic walls have excellent sound absorption properties which help eliminate reverberation in the room allowing the users to enjoy a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. With their low operating noise, the fans in the acoustic pod are just as quiet as the sound of leaves rustling. Thus, they will not cause any distractions to the user while performing high-concentration tasks. The models with upholstered exterior panels are also designed to absorb noise, creating a positive effect on the general acoustics of the entire office space.

A spacious room for everyday formal and informal meetings

This spacious acoustic pod designed for eight users ensures a high level of comfort without limiting your freedom of movement. The SILENT ROOM XL space allows you to create a personalised setting that suits your teams’ needs best. Choose a regular table or a high table with chairs for your formal team meetings or important business meetings, whereas a coffee table and comfortable visitor chairs or armchairs will be ideal for your casual team meetings and workshops with a more relaxing atmosphere. You can be sure that you will be able to continue important conversation or presentation even if your device runs out of battery power. For users’ convenience, the room is equipped with a power unit (available with different connectors).

Microclimate helps you to concentrate without you even noticing

Thanks to its air ventilation and lighting solutions, SILENT ROOM offers a productivity-boosting environment. Sixteen silent but powerful fans ensure that the air flow rate is just right to provide an ultimate sense of comfort even during extended use. The combination of the nine LED lamps creates a warm and homely atmosphere. A smart control unit is pre-set to maintain an optimal ventilation and illumination level, and, if necessary, allows for individual adjustment using rotary switches. You will also be able to change general control unit settings according to your specific needs. Once an employee leaves the SILENT ROOM, intense ventilation is automatically activated to prepare the room for the next user. This acoustic piece of furniture also helps with energy savings as it automatically dims the lights when no one is present in the room and even switches them off after some time.

Creative freedom to customise your design

SILENT ROOM offers a variety of design options for you to be able to create a personalised design and desired office mood. The interior and exterior finish can be selected separately. Both melamine and upholstery can be used for the exterior panels. Our range of materials and colours complement each other harmoniously and create a warm, homely and relaxing atmosphere. Due to its unique design, SILENT ROOM can be set up anywhere within the office: in the middle of the office space or near the wall, as a stand-alone acoustic unit or as an assembly of units.

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